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Haddock • handcut filet • butterfly 100/200g
Cod • loin • skin off 200/300g
Whiting • handcut filet • butterfly 100/200g
Catfish • handcut filet • skin off 600/1000g
Langoustine • whole • raw 20/30 pc/kg
Cod • whole • headless gutted 4/6 kg
Langoustine • whole • raw 15/20 pc/kg
Salmon • handcut filet • trim D 1.5/2 kg
Saithe • loin • skin off 200/300g
Langoustine • whole • raw 10/15 pc/kg
Cod • loin • skin off 400/600g
Haddock • loin • skin off 100/200g
Langoustine • whole • raw 5/9 pc/kg
Cod • whole • headless gutted 2/4 kg
Pollock • whole • headless gutted 2/4 kg
Monk • tail • skin on 1.5/2 kg
Salmon • whole • gutted 4/6 kg
Monk • tail • skin on 2/4 kg
Cod • whole • headless gutted 6/8 kg
Salmon • whole • gutted 6/8 kg
Scallops - meat • roes on • raw 20/30 pc/kg
Salmon • whole • gutted 2/4 kg
Langoustine • whole • hand laid 15/20 pc/kg
Scallops - meat • roes on • raw 30/40 pc/kg
Langoustine • whole • hand laid 10/15 pc/kg
Langoustine • whole • hand laid 5/9 pc/kg
Haddock • loin • skin off 300/400g
Saithe • loin • skin off 300/400g
Langoustine • whole • hand laid 20/30 pc/kg
Cod • dos Avion • skin off 400/600g
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