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Supplier guidelines

Last updated 22.05.2024

As our business together has grown and the number of buyers regularly purchasing on Rooser has increased, we need to introduce new measures in order to maintain high service levels and maximise your sales.

When selling on Rooser, we ask that all suppliers:

  1. Confirm dispatch of each order, either directly within your Rooser account or via the WhatsApp notification(s) you receive.
  2. Inform us of any fulfilment issues or delays to the transportation of your goods to Boulogne-sur-Mer.
  3. Manage your stock - If you are no longer able to sell goods, disable the offer to remove from the market.   
  4. List your products as early as possible - we’re seeing strong buyer growth; the earlier you list, the more you will sell.

These measures will help us continue to deliver on our buyer promise, where we aim to ensure all orders are delivered on time, in full, and at the right quality.

Informing us of issues ahead of time is crucial to the continued success of our partnership. If issues arise and the guidelines have not been followed, we may be forced to impose certain restrictions or potentially close accounts; removing the possibility to list, compare the market and sell.

We look forward to continuing to build a strong partnership and increasing on the trade we have already established.


Contact our Customer Support team

You can reach the team via the following methods:

  • Send a WhatsApp or call +33 7 69 57 22 84
  • Alternative phone : +33 2 76 86 36 96