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Issues and claims

Last updated 04.08.2023

We want to provide our customers with the best experience possible, every time. However, we understand there are times when issues can arise. In order for us to be able to handle these effectively and efficiently, we need our customers to follow some specific guidelines.

Not following these may lead to delays in the handling of your claim, or in some cases the claim being rejected.

Please read these guidelines carefully.

How to report an issue

The fastest way to report an issue is via our 'Report an issue' form, found here ( We recommend bookmarking this link so you can access it easily in the future if needed.

Alternatively, you can get in touch directly with our Customer Support team using the below methods:

  1. Send us a WhatsApp on +33 2 76 86 36 96
  2. Call us on +33 2 76 86 36 96
  3. Send us an email at 

You can also contact your account manager directly (however, this can delay the handling of your claim).

Timeframe for raising a claim

All claims must be raised by 12pm on the day of reception of goods. Any claims raised after this time will be rejected.

Note: The day of reception applies to customers of Rooser only.

Required information

The following information must be provided in order for us to be able to review a claim request.

  • A clear description of the issue;
  • Clear photographs and/or videos of the product, with the sanitary label;
  • If the issue relates to the weight of the product, we require a photo of the scales showing the weight;
  • If the product is 'live' and has been delivered dead, we require a video of the product.

Upheld claims

What is required if we have agreed with you to destroy the goods?

In order to provide you with a Credit Note, we require a certificate of destruction or clear evidence of destruction. This should be sent to our support team either via WhatsApp on +33 2 76 86 36 96 or email to

Logistics issues

Who is responsible for logistics issues?

If you organise your own transportation of goods from Boulogne-sur-Mer, any issues that arise once the goods have been accepted and signed for by your logistics partner must be raised directly with them. Rooser cannot do this on your behalf.

If transportation is organised and/or handled by Rooser, we (Rooser) will ensure any issues are handled exclusively by Rooser.