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Issues and claims

Last updated 21.11.2023

We want to provide our customers with the best experience possible, every time. However, we understand there are times when issues can arise. In order for us to be able to handle these effectively and efficiently, we need our customers to follow some specific guidelines.

Not following these may lead to delays in the handling of your claim, or in some cases the claim being rejected.

Please read these guidelines carefully.

How to report an issue


All claims must be raised on the day of reception of goods.


is the receipt of goods at your (the buyer’s) premises. If the goods are delivered directly to your (the buyer’s) customer, then reception is to their premises.

The day of reception, and so the cut off for reporting a claim, is considered as being within 24 hours of the preparation date.


To process a claim, we require all of the following:

  1. A photo of the goods showing the issue being raised;
  2. A photo of the label with the goods also visible;
  3. A clear description of the issue;

If the product is bought 'live' but is delivered dead, we require a short video of the goods instead of a photo as stated in point 1 above.


You can report an issue in one of two ways:

1). Complete our Report an issue form

This is the fastest way to get your issue resolved. We recommend bookmarking this link for future reference.

2). Contact our Customer Support team

You can reach the team via the following methods:

  • Send a WhatsApp to +33 7 69 57 22 84
  • Call us on +33 2 76 86 36 96
  • Send an email to support@rooser.eu with the subject “Claim”.

You can also contact your Account Manager directly, however this can delay the handling of your claim.

Upheld claims

There are several possible outcomes following agreement of a claim request.

  1. Buyer keeps the goods
  2. Goods are returned to the supplier
  3. Goods are destroyed


The return of goods, when required, should be completed within 24 hours of agreement between us (Rooser) and you (the buyer).

The return must be agreed prior to the goods being sent. 

We cannot accept responsibility for the loss of returned goods if the return has not been confirmed in advance. If this happens, we may be unable to provide a credit note.

Responsibility for the return of goods (Rooser or buyer) will be agreed on an individual basis.


If we have agreed for the goods to be destroyed, we must receive a certificate of destruction or clear evidence of destruction. This should be sent to our support team via WhatsApp on +33 2 76 86 36 96 or email to support@rooser.eu.

A credit note will be issued upon receipt of evidence of destruction.

Logistics issues

If you organise your own transportation of goods from Boulogne-sur-Mer, any issues that arise once the goods have been accepted and signed for by your logistics partner must be raised directly with them. Rooser cannot do this on your behalf.

If transportation is organised and/or handled by Rooser, we (Rooser) will be responsible for resolving any issues.