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1 in 3 fish harvested never makes it onto someone’s plate.

We're on a mission to fix it

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A global industry operating at handshake level

Seafood is like a 140,000 seat stadium full of people. Each person represents a business.  The people only have one to one communication methods - phone, fax, email and WhatsApp.  

You’re only able to sell to the people you can shake hands with - approximately 20.  This means that if you want to sell to someone on the other side of the stadium, the fish will need to pass through 7-10 people to get there.

This increases the price and reduces the freshness.

If we don’t stop wasting 35% of all fish caught and harvested, there will be no seafood industry left.

We don’t need to grow or harvest more fish, we just need to waste less.

Seafood is the primary protein source for more than two billion people worldwide, and that number continues to grow.

With the global population increasing, everyone is panicking thinking we need to produce more food.

We don't.

We’ve built seafood’s first trading platform

The Rooser marketplace connects suppliers and buyers across Europe, cutting out unnecessary middlemen and shortening the process from catch to consumer.
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We connect producers and primary processors with wholesale buyers

By connecting seafood producers and primary processors directly with wholesale buyers across a larger network, we’re able to create a fairer market, and provide greater certainty and transparency to help experts act with confidence, every time.

Through doing this, we can increase the shelf life of seafood and reduce waste.

It’s a win win!
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