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Bringing certainty to seafood with order acceptance

Certainty is vital for people in seafood. It ensures buyers and suppliers alike are able to make the best decisions for them with the information they have available. And yet despite its necessity, it’s still a rarity in the industry.

Today, we’ve launched the latest of several improvements to help suppliers provide that certainty when fulfilling orders on Rooser.

Now, not only does a supplier get informed of each new order they receive via WhatsApp, email, and directly on their Rooser account, but they can also confirm their acceptance of the order seamlessly on each of these channels too!

They have an ‘Accept’ button at the bottom of the WhatsApp notification they receive that, when pressed, tells us that the order has been accepted and they're working on it.

The supplier will receive instant confirmation back to them that it’s been received and the order will also update on their account Dispatch page in real time.

This follows updates made to the 'new order' notification email that suppliers receive when they get a sale on the marketplace. This includes a much clearer layout of information as well as an ‘Accept order’ button that, when clicked, also updates the order status on their Dispatch page.

By providing the ability to accept orders across several methods, our aim is to make it super easy for suppliers to action these where they are. And the best part is, they only have to do this once per order so they are free to choose the method that works best for them at the time. 🙌

This is just the first in a series of improvements we're making to our service to help bring certainty to seafood. Watch this space!