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How we manage quality at Rooser

We know that quality is a primary concern when it comes to buying seafood. After all, if you receive bad product that you can’t do anything with, you may well end up with nothing more than a pile of dead fish… and a big hole in your wallet for your trouble. 

At Rooser, we want to ensure customers are able to place orders on our marketplace, confident that what they receive will match their expectations, every time.

This is where our Quality Control team come in.

Every order placed on the Rooser marketplace ships via our logistics hub in Boulogne-sur-Mer, France, where it passes through our quality control process.

Not all boxes are checked. The volume of orders being processed each day would make that extremely difficult. Instead, we use data, alongside an evolving set of guidelines we’ve put together, to ensure we’re focusing our attention in the right places.

For all orders flagged for review, we sample check the boxes paying close attention to the following criteria:

  • Packaging integrity
  • Sanitary label accuracy
  • Presentation
  • Freshness
  • Legal size
  • Temperature

We base our assessments on a specific set of guidelines to ensure we maintain consistency. However, we also recognise that quality is subjective. That’s why it’s super important to us that we continue to learn from our customers; taking the feedback we receive and inputting it into the process to ensure we’re always improving and adapting to the needs and expectations of our customers.

The efforts of suppliers selling product on Rooser hasn’t gone unnoticed either! Over 98% of orders sold on the marketplace match the quality advertised. 👏

And on the rare occasion that an order does not meet the expected quality, we have a process in place to ensure customers are able to report the issue and get fast resolution so they can get back to what they do best.

This is still just the start of our journey, and we’re confident we can deliver much more value to suppliers and buyers alike through this and our other initiatives. As we know, time will tell, but we’re super excited to see where our quality control initiatives can take us in the months and years to come as we work towards eliminating seafood waste.