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Our Dispatch page gets a redesign

We’ve launched a brand new version of our Dispatch page to help suppliers more easily manage the orders they receive from the Rooser marketplace.

With its new layout, the Dispatch page now makes it easier than ever to manage incoming orders.

We’ve moved away from our previous (and at times confusing) vertical layout in favour of the familiar horizontal format found across other pages on the Rooser platform.

We’ve also made it simpler to see the total volume of each product sold on a given day.

We listened to your feedback 😊

Previously, orders listed on the Dispatch page have always been grouped by customer. Whilst this is great for seeing the accumulated daily orders for a specific customer in one place, we’ve learnt that it can be difficult to understand the total volume needing to be processed for each individual product on a given day.

To make this more user-friendly, we've now introduced the ability to filter your view to group orders by product too! Simply click the ‘group by’ filter towards the top right of the page to switch between them.

Alongside the layout improvements, we also wanted to make it easier for suppliers to communicate progress during the fulfilment process. We’ve introduced a new “Accept order” button so suppliers can give customers peace of mind that their order has been accepted, along with a “Confirm order” button to confirm once the order has been dispatched.

And if there’s ever any issues during the fulfilment process, we now have a “Report Issue” button so the supplier can get in touch with us quickly and easily to let us know, and we can then work directly with the buyer to find an alternative solution.

Thanks for reading, and if you have any questions or comments please feel free to get in touch with our team at support@rooser.eu.