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We’ve cleaned up our product description labels

Today we’re rolling out a key update to our marketplace - a full clean up of our product description labels (SKUs).

Over time, as our marketplace has grown and we’ve increased the number of individual products available to sell, we’ve not done the best job of ensuring everything remains consistent.

We found a number of errors that included duplicate product entries, mis-categorised values, bundled attributes, multiple ways to create the same product, and more. Not only does this create a negative experience for our users, it also reduces the accuracy and reliability of our data.

We’re here to help make seafood simple… this wasn’t helping 😢

We’re pleased to say we’ve now completed this clean up project and are rolling out the changes today.

So what’s changed?

First of all, we’ve cleaned up all the values available for selection when creating and publishing product offers on the marketplace. This will ensure complete consistency across all marketplace listings moving forward.

But that’s not all…

We’ve also introduced several new categories for suppliers to select from when adding a new product to their account - nature, transport method, and branding.

This makes it much easier for suppliers to define products correctly, and helps to ensure we don’t run into any issues of bundling attributes again in the future.

Note: The Branding checkbox field becomes available at the bottom of the ‘Add new product’ form when the species selected includes additional attributes that require its use.